One more reason to eat your breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” it’s a classic. And it is true! It heightens your performance in work or school, allows you to focus..blah blah… you’ve heard of these. But I bet not many of you know that breakfast can reduce your chances of acquiring gall bladder stones (bato sa apdo).Read More »

What 5 years taught me about love

“Walang Forever, said a Filipino teleserye. Lucky are those few people who got this one shot at love and were successful at finding and keeping it. But there are many of us, who even after so many years, do not not end up together.

I had this chance to love and be loved. People thought that we would someday end up at the altar after medical school, but on this very day, a year ago, I got dumped. Read More »

Hi, [insert name here], pwede ba kitang ligawan?

Pwede bang manligaw

It cannot be overly emphasized that Filipinos once had that romantic, traditional way of courtship. Gone are those days when Juan couldn’t even touch the tip of Juana’s dainty finger. Gone are those days when best buds provide moral support as he serenades the might-be-his-lady with kundiman. Gone are those days when the way to his prospect’s yes is through her father’s approval.

Generally, love in today’s generation has irked our elders. Just like the invention of remote controls and instant noodles, today’s youth have indulged in everything facile and duck soup, and sometimes the same principle is applied to love. Read More »

When God Gets in the Way

I know this title would be frowned upon, but please, hear me out.

I (and my two younger sisters) have been Catholic since birth. We attended a Catholic school from kindergarten up to high school but almost everything that I believed: Mama Mary, the saints, purgatory, to name a few, were “put to test” when my parents began attending services – the counterpart of masses in the Christian world. Read More »